How Do You Maintain Joy, Health and
Possibility At Any Life Stage?

These 16 Experts Will Show You How, Answer Your Questions, And Let You In On Their Non-Negotiables.

When you imagine 5, 10 or 20 years from now, what do you see?

Most of us imagine ourselves exactly as we are today, but the sad news is that millions of Americans are on the fast path to the diseases of lifestyle: Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, and now Alzheimer’s. And disease brings with it suffering, sadness, frustration, unexpected costs, prescription medications, doctor visits, and more.

This Does Not Have To Be Your Future

Here’s what we’re covering.

  • Growing Bolder
    We are never too old to chase and live our dreams, The CEO of this company has a lot to say about what this takes
  • The Pro-Age Revolution
    A former make up artist turned silver haired model (at 49!) guides us into a new conversation around what it means to age
  • Drug Free and Feeling Fine at 80?
    Yes it’s possible. Dr. Dan talks prevention and the #1 cause of mortality— you’ll never guess
  • Thyroid Problems Make Everything Else Harder to Treat
    This top thyroid expert explains testing, how thyroid issues affect other diseases, and will bring hope to many of you who swear you are not normal even though your tests say you are
  • Sexual CPR
    Healthy, loving sexual relationships are not just for youngsters
  • Better Bones At Any Age
    The truth about bone drugs and their side effects, density testing, Osteoporosis drugs and building bones at any age
  • Hormones Impact Every Motion and Emotion
    And symptoms due to an imbalance are not something you should accept as normal
  • Your Heart Has A Brain
  • The Mineral Miracle
  • Breathe In More Life
  • Live At Choice!
  • Spice Up Your Health
    The profound intelligence of nature can heal what ails us deliciously
  • Your Soul is Calling, Will You Answer?
  • All You Can With Everything You’ve Got
    Change how you think about aging and engage with LIFE

Dates: Oct. 19 – 30, 2015

Millions of people are sick and getting sicker. Aging is now synonymous with ill health, discomfort, depression, lack of resources and giving up on goals and dreams.

Whether the decline starts in the mind or the body is unimportant because the result is the same:

No joy or vitality in day to day living.

But it need not be this way!

The very first thing that has to occur for people to have the best experience of getting older is to choose it, to say “Yes, I will age in good health, in joy, knowing that possibility is all around me, and the best is yet to be.”

If you are all in for this conversation, would you share it? Imagine how many lives you could change if you share it and someone else shares it, and so on.

Getting the word out won’t result in anyone making money.

But it could result in preventing a case or two of diabetes, or it could mean someone skips getting heart disease because they hear how simple the choices are to stay well.

What if someone learns of a meditation, a supplement, a food, or a modality that means they feel better, and when they feel better they get back into life, which leads them to love?

And maybe if each of us embraces jut a couple of the ideas in this summit we can heal the world. How? Healthy people who live in joy, from the heart, in full expression radiate loving energy — and there is no greater energy, is there?

More life is our divine right. Claim that and spread the word.

Join us in October and
let's add more life to our years!

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